Drowning her hellions

She wants to be the outcome of her attempts
but became the aftermath of her destiny.
Yet the sparks never died.
From drudging demeanor towards life
to building her own go
she became the ruler of her own life.

Her former demon still existed
but became a fading tint for ongoing flight.
Yet not satisfied,
she started her pace towards a longing life
but it turned into a loathing bite.

Her scabs are the evidence of her callous ride
but became the reason for her converging drive.
Yet not finished,
she came out with an exposed mind
determined to win the line.

And in the end,
fulfilling her pride,
she became the dictator of her own life.


Sore heart from a roaring past

i will thrive
i will survive
i will sacrifice 
i will aggrandize.

my love was pure
my soul was to adore
my eyes are achy
my heart a lot messy.

easy were my feelings
easy were my beliefs
easy could have been our bond
but turned out to be so wrong.

today was a past, 
but tomorrow will turn out to be an upcoming blast..

The Howling Love

To the moon that howls
and the night that shouts,
shouts your name till the last block remains…

To the sea that bawls
and the water that growls,
growls till it reaches the end of the shore…

To the stars that mourns
and the clouds that roars,
roars till they start to fade in blows…

To the love that passed 
and the feel that last,
last till the end comes by clogging the jar…

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