My forever abetting gem, ANANYA

I saw her today, with her side looks.
Glorifying her beauty, with her determined looks.
Holding a pen, looking more fierce though.
Indulge in her thoughts, she can make anyone bow.
Sculpting a piece of art, she defined her inner soul.
Those words from her heart, made my mind explode.

The light looks bright, when touch her big eyes.
Her nose a little plump, looks arousing when she smiles.
Chubby are her cheeks, shines when she shrieks.
Her brows knit together, gives the idea of her weather.
Palms so small, yet strong to flick all.
Hairs so long, leaves your smile all on.

My friend, my sister, everything she is.
Helped me to grow from ground to hill.
boosting me hard to make me fixed.
Applauding my attempts and clapping on my wins.
Blithe of glitter, she sprinkles all day.
cheerful grins she leaves in her way.


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