The Hazing Black

His eyes were black, like a sea to melt.
Holding something bright behind, the furry of his kind.
The aura that radiates, tried to curve my spine.
But the strums of his purr, made my insight delight.
The darkness of this night, cloaks his bod outright.
The white patch on his paw, compliments this dusky midnight.
With a break of twig, he brings me back to this night.
Where the moon too shines, just to replete his line.
Matching my prints, he snapped me in no time.
Growling thunderously, he took his last step to trash mine.
Accepting my fate, i closed all might.
But nuzzling comes next, which made me soo uptight.
Gaining my sense, i brought myself to life.
Discovering, just me in this woody limelight.


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