The cage, she was in

Her husband was the biggest trouble in her life, who cursed her life with dim light.
Yet she stood in her life to take a ride in search of his bright sight.
Threatened to a point where he burked her sovereign side.
She gave away her sanity for the sake of her own life.
Still not valued she was blamed by her own child.
Who made her the reason behind his distressed life.
Seeing her wheeze, her parents came inside
calling her a defeat to break her foresight.
Giving her 25 years to this marriage was her biggest crime,
but stating her an idiot is the moronic misdeed that comes from our sides.

We all have a habit to judge without exploring the bottom. Most of us feel so crowned that we start forcing our opinions on others, announcing them wrong.
Even not satisfied, we start judging what is right and what not.
To all those who call a woman coward or an idiot, just keep yourself on her position, live every moment of her life, mind it her every small moment. Keep yourself in her place. You will get all your dilemma cleared.
DO NOT judge, try to help.
try to bring light not dirt,
to ensure a bright smile.


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